Download Acronis True Image Home 2013

Acronis True Image Home 2013
Acronis True Image Home 2013 - a reliable solution for complete backup and restore data on workstations. The product enables you to create exact images of hard disk working computer that will provide the most complete data protection. Backup disk image is a file that includes absolutely all data, including boot records, operating system, applications, data files, photos and movies, email, system updates and configuration, and any other data on the disk.
  • Protection of "one click"
  • Suffice it once to decide what, when and where to store it. Then to run the backup need only one mouse click.
  • Full text search
  • Now the archive is easy to find the desired file by its name, type and even content with systems Windows Search or Google Desktop.
  • Duplication of backups
  • You can simultaneously create incremental backups of data, such as the hard disk and USB removable media or network drive for greater reliability. These copies are stored as uncompressed files zip-archives or in a special format True Image TIB.
  • Support for Zip format
  • In addition to a proprietary format backup Acronis True Image Home supports the popular format ZIP.
  • Consolidating backups
  • New tools merging backups allow you to save disk space and avoid confusion with files. Now you can ob'edinitpervonachalnuyu full backup to the existing incremental in single file and pursue further gradual up based on the new fuel.
  • The program's interface in the style of Windows Vista ®
  • The user interface provides ease of control and visibility style Windows Vista no matter where the system is installed.
Key technologies:
  • Manager Startup Repair
  • Lets start the recovery process even if the system fails to boot. Just press F11, and Acronis True Image automatically restores performance computer.
  • Exclude files
  • Save disk space by backing up only the necessary files.
  • Incremental and differential archives
  • Can significantly accelerate backups by saving only the changes made to the system since the creation of the last backup.
  • Backing up in the background
  • The process of creating a backup does not interfere with the users.
  • Yntellektualnee planning
  • Allows you to automatically run a backup for the onset of a period of time, as well as various system events or conditions, such as zahruzkav—čklyuchenye computer vhodvyhod user, his activity or inactivity, and others.
  • Backing up on a "tuned and forget"
  • Suffice it once to configure backup settings to further relevant archives with valuable information or complete hard disk image created automatically.
  • Acronis Acronis Security Zone
  • A special section is unavailable system in normal mode can be used to store the hard disk image and restore in case of failures.
Acronis True Image Home PlusPack - is an optional component of Acronis True Image Home, not under its default. To install the module Acronis True Image Home PlusPack computer must first install Acronis True Image Home. Acronis True Image Home PlusPack function adds Acronis Universal Restore for use during recovery. In addition, the module Acronis True Image Home PowerPack sets wizard ISO-image WinPE Acronis and provides support for dynamic disks.

Features Acronis True Image Home PlusPack:
Support for dynamic disks - operations with dynamic disks expand the range of hard drive configurations supported product Acronis True Image Home. Dynamic Disks provide greater functionality - volumes can be spread over several disks.
Users Acronis True Image Home PlusPack option available Universal Restore. Allows you to restore the image of Windows or move information to another computer, regardless of its hardware. This is useful, for example, after replacing a damaged motherboard or when moving the system from a desktop computer to a laptop.
Wizard ISO-image module adds WinPE Acronis Acronis True Image Home distributions WinPE (environment setup Windows), based on one of the following kernels: WinPE 1.5, 2.x, 3.0. To create or modify PE 2.x images and 3.0, you must install a package unattended installation of Windows (AIK). Implementation of Acronis True Image Home among presets can provide better compatibility with the computer's hardware, as Wednesday preset uses drivers Windows.

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